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September 20, 2013

Caroline Graham, C4 Global Communications

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At 2013 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Dereck and Beverly Joubert at Great Plains Conservation Mara Plains Camp — ©Beverly Joubert

September 20, 2013. Los Angeles, CA — After 30 years of documenting and protecting the welfare and habitat of Africa’s majestic and endangered animals, Dereck and Beverly Joubert will be recognized with the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival on September 26, 2013. This is the highest honor presented by the Festival’s board of directors who selected the Jouberts for their notable impact in media. The Jouberts join an exclusive group of past honorees that includes, Dr. Richard Leakey, Dr. Jane Goodall and Sir David Attenborough among other distinguished recipients. The Jouberts will also be featured Keynote speakers.

Known as one of Africa’s conservation “power couples” Dereck and Beverly Joubert have celebrated nature and wildlife in documentaries, books, scientific journals, photographs and magazine articles for almost three decades. The couple”s arresting visual work has earned them seven Emmys, a Peabody, and a Grand Teton Award at Jackson Hole amongst others. There work was featured on 60 Minutes last year. “An award like this by our peers in the film industry is deeply appreciated and valued. This is one of the premier wildlife film festivals in the world and one we have attended every year since its inception more than 24 years ago,” said Beverly Joubert of the couple being recognized. Dereck Joubert added, “Wildlife filmmaking has changed over the three decades we have been involved. It’s time for filmmakers to develop into conservationists and not be afraid of advocacy. We are starting a new conversation movement and a film company, both based in China, because this is where our voices need to be heard, this is where the largest consumption of lion bone, rhino horn and elephant ivory is, and without those three species, African wildlife will collapse. It’s now or never, and as filmmakers, we have the strongest most visual voice. I’d encourage every one of our peers to lean forward and think about what they can do for conservation, not about awards and accolades, closing deals or ratings. Extinction is much more serious than all that.”

The Jouberts, both National Geographic Explorers–in–Residence and based in Botswana, are dedicated to understanding and protecting key species throughout the African continent. They are particularly concerned about large predators, and with National Geographic founded and the Big Cats Initiative, an effort to stop dwindling populations and bolster public awareness. Beverly and Dereck are also building a new model for conservation as partners in Great Plains Conservation, a collection of safari properties in Botswana and Kenya that acquires hunting or threatened land and converts it to conservation. Striking a balance of conservation, community and commerce, Great Plains Conservation saves endangered habitats in Africa through its low–impact tourism and compassionate management and presently has around 1,000,000 acres under management.

The Jouberts say: “All of our work: filmmaking, photography, research, tourism and by starting the Big Cats Initiative, fits into a single life long goal: to make a difference for conservation.”

Dereck & Beverly Joubert will debut their new film, Game of Lions during Nat Geo WILD’s highest rated week, Big Cat Week premiering this November on Nat Geo WILD. According to Dereck Joubert there are 20,000 lions left on Earth. Only 3,500 of those are males. Although they are born at a 50/50 ratio, by the time they reach maturity, only one in eight male lions survive. The Jouberts take an unflinching look at what happens to the rest in this spirited, moving and heartbreaking film.

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival — September 23-27, 2013

Joubert Keynote: A Conversation with Beverly & Dereck Joubert on Thursday, Sept. 26, 10:30am (Forum Room)

Teton Awards Gala — Thursday, September 26, 6:30pm (Center for the Arts)

For more information:
Great Plains Conservation — www.Greatplainsconservation.com
Dereck and Beverly Joubert — www.Wildlifefilms.co
Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival — www.Jhfestival.org

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