May 17, 2013

CBS 60 Minutes to re-run “Lion Kings” 8pm segment, Sunday May 19th
Lara Logan talked to filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert on location at
Great Plains Conservation Camps in Botswana

The crew of 60 Minutes with Dereck and Beverly Joubert.
Dereck Joubert on location in Duba Plains, Botswana, with Lara Logan of 60 Minutes.

In February 2012, Botswana’s Duba Plains, Zarafa and Selinda Camps, owned by Great Plains Conservation, hosted Lara Logan and a team from CBS 60 Minutes for a week. Logan was in Africa to record a profile of filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert and shoot the Jouberts’ important conservation work with Big Cats in the Duba Plains area.

It was a dramatic shoot. Dereck was bitten by a venomous snake the day before 60 Minutes arrived at Duba Plains, but chose to stay and receive medical attention in Camp. Miraculously, he went on with filming lions and giving interviews with Beverly for the future broadcast. A year later Dereck says “Apart from having no feeling in the thumb, there are no after effects of my Boomslang bite.”

60 Minutes and the Jouberts were on a quest to film and follow the wildlife characters from their 2011 award-winning feature, “The Last Lions,” released by National Geographic Entertainment.

“We’re honored that 60 Minutes would run the piece on us a second time. When Lara and her team were with us we reconnected with the young male from ‘The Last Lions’ and we have had a chance to follow up on him and some others of his age for a Nat Geo WILD film later in the year. In essence, if you imagine a pride of lions, one male and eight females, and yet they are born in equal numbers of male and females, what happens to the other 7 males? Well our next film will be about that” explains Dereck.

Great Plains Conservation hosted the TV crew and South African correspondent Logan for a week. Transporting them across swollen rivers at Duba Plains to the luxury of Zarafa Camp and Selinda Camp, and flying the film crew through storms while enduring the February heat in the Okavango Delta.

Duba Plains, Selinda and Zarafa camps

60 Minutes is the longest standing network magazine and news program in the USA, with a loyal viewership of over 30 million weekly. The Logan piece is a profile of the Jouberts, recognizing the importance of their work with Big Cats at their home camp in Duba Plains.

Dereck and Beverly Joubert founded The Big Cats Initiative with the National Geographic Society in 2009. The Jouberts are partners in Great Plains Conservation.

The enduring message from the Jouberts is: “Without big cats, African safaris and African ecosystems will be much poorer.”

Photographs from the shoot can be found here with captions by Dereck Joubert.

Duba Plains Camp
Zarafa Camp
Great Plains Conservation
The Big Cats Initiative
Dereck and Beverly Joubert

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