August 16, 2013

Caroline Graham, C4 Global Communications

Hot Month at Herb Alpert’s Vibrato
Robert Davi, Steve Tyrell Return

Robert Davi; August 18

Robert Davi, one of the most recognizable entertainers in the world, was singing long before Frank Sinatra hand–picked him to play Mickey Sinardos in the 1977 NBC television drama “Contract on Cherry Street.” As a teenager, Davi already had an insatiable desire to not just distinguish himself as a singer, but to follow his idol’s lead and become a singer who really could act. Davi studied opera as a young man, and always intended to make singing his career. As fate would have it, however, his screen career took flight and there was no looking back.

An iconic screen presence, Davi worked with the biggest names in Hollywood, from Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, Catherine Zeta–Jones, Josh Brolin, Bruce Willis and James Franco, appeared in such iconic pop cultural movies as “Die Hard,” “Showgirls,” “The Goonies,” and considered one of the top three Bond villains, Franz Sanchez, of all time in “License to Kill.”

Frank Sinatra encouraged young singers to “Pick up the torch” and perpetuate this amazing music. With Davi Sings Sinatra, On The Road To Romance (available Oct 24), Davi has heeded the rally cry of “ole blue eyes.”

Steve Tyrell; August 20

Grammy Award–winning vocalist Steve Tyrell has spent over four decades in the music business, achieving great success as an artist, producer, songwriter, music supervisor, and performer.

His work in the studio as a record producer has included collaborations with legendary artists as Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, Ray Charles, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and the list goes on and on.

As an artist, all 9 of his American Standards albums have achieved top 10 status on Billboard’s Jazz charts, 7 of which have achieved top 5.

Tyrell has earned 2 Emmy nominations, received a daytime Emmy, 3 Ace Nominations, 2004 American Society of Young Musician’s “All That Jazz Award,” 2004 The Wellness Community “Human Spirit Award,” 2006 Society of Singers “Lifetime Achievement Award,” and 2008 Los Angeles Jazz Society’s “Jazz Vocalist of the Year.”

About Vibrato

The concept of Vibrato was to have jazz survive. At first, it was to be a great jazz club with food. Now, it is a great restaurant with great jazz,” notes Herb Alpert. “My ambition is to have a club where you feel comfortable, where great musicians can play and appreciate sound and feeling — a venue for jazz players to perform.”

The interior design of Vibrato was created by artist Herb Alpert and decorator Clodagh. Vibrato has a hundred seats around the stage, a bar designed like a piano, and a balcony with seating overlooking the club. “The acoustics are a key component of the design,” says Alpert, whose art hangs in the club. “Wood and music create good sound. I used the A&M recording studio designer to make sure that the acoustics were right. The mushroom–like globes act as acoustical clouds,”says Alpert, who occasionally plays at Vibrato with his wife the famous Grammy winning Brasil 66 singer, Lani Hall. Among the artists who have performed at Vibrato are: The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Seth MacFarlane, Clayton–Hamilton Big Band, Diane Reeves, Houston Person and Bobby Hutcherson.

Herb Alpert’s Vibrato Grill, Jazz... is a Herb Alpert restaurant in partnership with Smith Brothers restaurants.

For reservations call 310.474.9400 or visit–grill

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