JUNE 26, 2013

Caroline Graham, C4 Global Communications

Grammy–winning vocalist Lani Hall Alpert’s
“Emotional Memoirs & Short Stories”

“Emotional Memoirs & Short Stories” is written by Grammy Award–winning vocalist Lani Hall Alpert, bringing the passion of her voice to the printed page, penning ten short works of fiction and non–fiction alike, all set against the living, breathing backdrop of Chicago. The characters crackle with energy: intelligent, modern women struggling to navigate the uncertain waters of adultery, therapy, cosmetic surgery, postpartum depression, and even their own sexuality.

Lani’s prose is uncommonly fearless; laying herself bare with energy and honesty. Each of the 10 short stories is woven into the next via a winding personal narrative, as the author takes a refreshingly honest look back at her own life. Lani gives us a rare glimpse at the double–edged sword that is the life of an artist.

Lani Hall started her professional career as the original lead singer with Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66. Known for her emotional vocal interpretations, she helped propel the group to international stardom with her distinctive vocals on the infectious Brasilian tune “Mas Que Nada.” It was in 1966, while singing with the group in an audition for A&M Records, that she met her future husband, music legend Herb Alpert. They were married in 1973 and since then their lives and musical gifts have mingled. Lani has enjoyed a distinguished solo career, having recorded some 14 solo albums (variously in English, Portuguese and Spanish). In 1983, she sang the title song of the James Bond movie, “Never Say Never Again,” starring Sean Connery, and won a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Performance for her album Es Facil Amar in 1986. She also has credits as a lyricist, producer, arranger, writer and editor. Written over the course of more than 30 years, “Emotional Memoirs & Short Stories” marks Lani’s debut into the world of literature. Writing has always come just as naturally to her as music. Even as a young girl she was already a passionate poet. As she moved through her life experiences, she traveled with pen in hand, expressing her private feelings and thoughts as a vehicle of release.

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